30 Day Work Challenge


Update Available

Update your bio and history on LinkedIn, then post what is exciting you currently.


Sign Off

Update your email signature to be more reflective of your professional beliefs.


Passion Project

Find a 'passion project' at work and start it. Work on this in your own time to help profile your core talents to your company.


Passionate Pathway

Do you consider your occupation as a calling or a job? Is there an opportunity to connect more of your sense of purpose in a meaningful job to your current career path.


Power of Self

Prioritise the journey of self-discovery and self-actualisation over consumption and assimilation in your life. Learning about yourself is the best way to know your strengths and areas for development.


Mission First

Do you know what your current workplace mission statement is? Find out and see if it helps you connect with the bigger picture. Perhaps it will help you also shape future growth areas which assist the business satisfying their mission whilst rewarding your own purpose.


Social Occasion

Initiate a social gathering after work or a social dinner on the weekend with colleagues to get to know them outside of work better.


Lean In

Practice "leaning in" and engaging in conversations today. Be an active listener and encourage a depth in the conversation.


Build Capacity

Give yourself time to recharge your batteries. People with low batteries are more susceptible to high stress. Time out doing things which relax you make you better at your job when it counts.


Get Feedback

Ask your line manager for feedback about what's working and what needs development to stand out from the crowd.


Follow Me

Follow 10 inspirational influencers on Instagram, comment on 5 posts.


Pay It Forward

Teach someone at work a new skill or time saving technique you wished you had learnt earlier.



Reflect on the way you deal with change in your workplace and consider why it makes you feel that way. Put processes in place to accept change. Change is inevitable



Learn to say, "No" at work to help understand what is time consuming and could be done better. Propose better solutions and process supported by reasons and provocation for change.



Consider the purpose and reason "why" you do the work you do. Is it aligned with your heart and would a little job crafting help in this? Write down 3 ways your work helps others be better people on this planet.


Dreams into Reality

Spend the day considering all the things you secretly dream of being involved with, achieving etc., but feel too embarrassed to share. Choose one person to speak to about how it would be to achieve these dreams. Stir the energy of your dreams into reality.


Balancing Act

Reflect on your work-life balance and consider what you need to do to help you find more time for activities which help charge yourself up to be a better you at work. By filling you with joy outside of work you can be a better you at work.



Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign of strength. Get some advice on something you are struggling with help move forward. Be a problem solver not a problem holder.


Get Personal

Instead of emailing someone in the office or business which you could talk to directly, go have a conversation with them about the topic.


Joke Around

Find an appropriate funny joke to share with work colleagues to have a laugh together.


Better Routines

If you don't already meditate regularly, build this into your daily routine.


Mentor Me

Find a mentor in your industry and make an appointment with the intention of regular convenient conversations.



Have a meeting with your boss or line manager about your career progression within the company. Find out what options, potentials, or limitations you have. Be open and honest. No expectations.


Learn a Little

Follow a professional blog and do some growth reading. Research jobs in your field (or industry you want to get into) and the trends. What then? Apply!


Shift the Outlook

Show gratitude for what you have in the workplace which is often overlooked. Spend the day identifying all the dimensions of your day which you feel grateful for. Share some of these with colleagues to shift a negative to a positive outlook.


Professional Network

Create a professional learning network (PLN) of like-minded peers who are not in your direct workplace and set goals for that networks mission where everyone grows.


What If…?

Start a conversation with colleagues about "What if…?" to open potentials and lateral thinking around problems you experience at work, to find solutions.


Say "Yes"

Today, say “no” to what isn’t working in your job, then you'll be able to say “yes” to what you want to create tomorrow.



Write a list of all the skills which you feel you are good at, that people come to you to get done or seek help with Look at those areas which could be developed into a bigger dimension or specialisation of your work future.


Act of Kindness

Practice an random act of kindness today at work. Good will does go a long way.