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Guardians of Mother Earth

Guardians of Mother Earth is a green initiative of The Golden Space. Our vision is to create a world where everyone loves, honours and becomes one with Mother Earth.


 We believe that everything is interconnected as we share the same living space. We aim to create more awareness of the impact our actions have on planet earth, through various programs, such as free talks, clean-up campaigns, workshops and other events, e.g. art exhibitions. We also provide services to corporate clients on how to build a sustainable green culture through various workshops, team building events, retreats and corporate social responsibility activities.


Guardians of Mother Earth is a green initiative powered by The Golden Space.


We aim to educate people on the impact of our actions on the planet and to embrace a ‘conscious lifestyle’.


What we do

Experiential Learning

We aim to create an experiential learning to educate people on the impact of our action on the planet and to embrace a conscious lifestyle. We organize various sessions, events and also collaborate with various partners to send the message to encourage people to care and love our environment.



We Are One

WE ARE ONE, was global online green festival powered by The Golden Space and Guardians of Mother Earth to celebrate and honour all life on our planet. A curated program of green talks, expert panelists, music, plant-based living, meditation and arts & movement await you in this exciting line-up by speakers from all around the world.



Meditation in the Park

A weekly gathering online currently for connecting and valuing the contributions of our planet to our daily lives. Hosted by The Golden Space practitioners who guide you through two easy and connected meditations about Gaia, life and gratitude for what we have. 

Meditation in the Park - Online sq - Onl

Every Sunday morning 9:30-10:30am (AEST +GMT10) online via Zoom


Earth Hour

In 2019, we hosted Brisbane's only official Earth Hour event, bringing together Traditional owners of the land and paying respect to the value and connection to Earth. A celebration of music, arts and dance. Our Global Annual Meditation Event is organised in conjunction with the Global Earth Hour a movement by World Wild Fund. The one-hour lights out event continues to be the symbol of a broader commitment toward nature and our planet.


Global Impact

Gaia Impact Challenge


GAIA Impact Challenge (GIC) is a global program powered by 

The Golden Space Global Capital with the mission to support and accelerate

for-profit early stage innovative companies that have the purpose of positive impact to our Mother Earth (Gaia) with focus on the betterment of Marine Life, Women & Children, Plants & Animals.

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Our Song

We Are One

The Golden Space celebrates World Environment Day globally by launching the Guardians Of Mother Earth’s theme song, “We Are One” across 9 different countries; Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Australia and Japan on 5 Jun 2018. We hope to encourage everyone to join and save Mother Earth together.