The Golden Space (Australia) team is comprised of qualified specialists ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. Everyone at our centre believes in establishing an energy balance and flow in the chakras and energetic field of the body. Get in touch to learn more about our incredible team — we’re looking forward to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.


Founder / Vision Holder


Umesh H. Nandwani [B.Msc, CSMC] has attained certified Master training in Singapore, India and USA and has been initiated into various energy healing modalities. His qualifications include Certified Master Training in Meditations, Mind Power and Motivational Dynamics; Certified Master in Reiki Healing; Certified Stress Management Consultant (CSMC) and Certified Coach and Counselor, as well as his Masters in Metaphysical Science, after which he will complete his Doctorate.

He is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (I.A.C.T.) and also an alumni member of the International Metaphysical Ministry and the University of Metaphysics. Master Umesh is also an XL's (Extraordinary Lives) Results Foundation life member.


Managing Director and Practitioner

BA (Photo), Grad Dip Ed, B.MSc

Nick Coulter is the Managing Director of The Golden Space Australia. Nick’s career successes were driven by an unyielding commitment to a high work ethic which dominated his work-life balance. By aligning his priorities with a greater heart connection, he now has greater joy and purpose in his achievements, positively impacting his entire work/life balance. With 25 years of teaching experience in visual arts and a practicing photographer, Nick has helped many individuals realise their dreams into reality. Through his capacity for valuing individual’s unique and authentic contributions, Nick now shares how to create productive partnerships with sustainable affirmative change. Nick has a natural ability to identify and clarify goals and challenges. He is able to guide individuals and teams to discover positive and purposeful methods for reaching results both at work and in life. Nick holds a BA in Photography and Metaphysical Sciences, with a postgraduate diploma in education. He now meditates daily as a tool for living life with greater joy, passion and purpose.
Nick is a graduate of the international, certified, life-transformational "Awaken ~ The Divine You" Program and sees this experience as central to combining the skills and experiences which he draws together in his workshops and sessions.


Director and Lead Practitioner

BA (Psych) Q'ld; BPsych (Hons) Griff

Siobhan is a heart-centred psychotherapist, meditation teacher, workshop facilitator and spiritual mentor. Her workshops are informative, interactive and enjoyable as she incorporates experiential activities to facilitate a better understanding of the topics and theories she presents. Siobhan believes in sharing practical, effective psychological skills and theories that have great potential to create positive change straight away in people’s lives. She is currently focusing on two of her passions: helping people become anxiety free and assisting couples to create deeper connections in their relationship through open-hearted communication techniques.

Siobhan and her young family have been living in Singapore since 2008, where she has recently start taken the role of Director of Practitioners at the Singapore Centre. Prior to Singapore, Siobhan was working as a psychologist in private practice in Brisbane Australia, specialising in anxiety and panic treatments. Her practice also extended to clients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and emotional problems. Whilst completing her psychology registration Siobhan also worked as a locum psychologist and telephone counsellor at Victims of Crime Queensland; a research assistant at the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research researching depression in the workplace, and reentry into the workplace after severe mental illness; and as a tutor at Griffith University teaching Group Facilitation and Interpersonal Skills. Siobhan has also undertaken extensive study into personal empowerment and its links to workplace happiness and health. In recent years, Siobhan has continued her spiritual development and added to her practitioner skills through the international, certified, life-transformational Awaken the Divine You Program and Instructors Certification Course, conducted by international, metaphysical Master Umesh Nandwani of the Golden Space Centers.

Calling upon all her life experiences and her joy of writing, Siobhan became a published author in 2012 and 2013 with chapters published in two books entitled Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now! and No Mistakes: How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance. She continues to have her articles published in the BodyMindSoul Magazine of The Golden Space, Malaysia.

Ultimately, Siobhan’s goal is to support others to find more freedom and happiness in their life. By encouraging them to empower themselves; to be the best person they can be; to love with an open heart, and to live in respectful harmony with the world around them. Visit her website for more information and for daily inspiration, connect with her on Facebook.


Director and Practitioner


Marg has dedicated her life to teaching students to materialise their inner self through her visual arts practice. Her passion for connecting with students authentic self has drawn her on a path of insight and clarity. Marg is passionate about Positive Thought Intentions. Speaking with Marg soon allows you to experience her heart-felt approach to sharing her vision within. She uses oracle cards to assist others to find the answers and insights to the challenges and opportunities upon them. Marg connects with the energy they seek and divines the universal language of energy that surrounds us all. Experience an introductory session with Marg and enjoy the discoveries. Her heart centred skills have stemmed from the self discovery in the international, certified, life-transformational "Awaken ~ The Divine You" Program conducted by international, metaphysical Master Umesh H. Nandwani of The Golden Space Centres.


Director and Practitioner

BAppSc(FoodTechNutr), BHlthSc/BAppSc(CM) (RMIT)

As a former food scientist with a degree in Food Technology and Nutrition, Listia has always been fascinated with the concept of functional food. She believes that when used correctly, food can act as medicine and promote your health beyond the function of basic nutrition. That interest has evolved over time to a passion in herbal medicine which pushed her into a career in Chinese Medicine. After she left the food industry, Dr. Listia studied Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture for 5 years in RMIT University and graduated with a double degree in Applied/Health Science.

In addition to her clinical internship in Jiangsu Province Chinese Medicine Hospital, Listia studied under various renowned Chinese Medicine doctors in Nanjing and Beijing.

Listia has a special interest in treating emotional and mental health conditions, she believes that repressed emotion over time lead to imbalance of body/mind which is the root cause of many chronic illnesses. She practises heart-based meditation daily and uses the combination of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Dietary Therapy and Mindfulness to help her patients unlock their potential and actualize their own healing ability to reach optimal health in body, mind, and spirit. Listia is an avid supporter of preventative healthcare and wellbeing maintenance through simple and healthy lifestyle practises and always encourages everyone to deepen their relationship with nature.

Other conditions that she treats include pain management, women’s health, fertility and pregnancy support, paediatric health, digestive and sleep disorders.

Dr. Listia is a friendly and caring practitioner who uses Chinese Medicine to restore the body’s natural healing power. Listia also speaks Indonesian.

Listia is a member of the Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and nationally registered and accredited by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. (CMBA) and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. (AHPRA)


Global Practitioner

BSc (Hons) Psychology (UK)

Yoshimi Janus is a practitioner of The Golden Space and currently working with both people and animals, providing hypnotherapy/ energy healing sessions, workshops and meditation classes.

As a mother of three children, Yoshimi went through the common motherhood issues that many women have. As the social norm goes, there is a long list of how a good mother and wife should behave and act. After much struggle to fit in, she lost sight of her own identity. Feeling unloved and unaccepted of herself, she started her search to find herself.

Since 2002, with her first touch of spirituality of crystal healing, she had started to find out her true identity and her life purpose. In 2011, she embarked on her life transformational journey with International Metaphysical Spiritual Master Umesh H. Nandwani on his signature program – “Awaken ~ The Divine You”. Since then she has completed many levels up to Masters Retreat Level 5 in Ireland/Scotland. Her spiritual journey has helped her gain her self-insight and realize that she has a mission to bring love and light to the world.

Yoshimi has been keen to connect with nature and animals since childhood as being brought up in a beautiful countryside of Japan. Her passion for nature and animals makes her a unique individual who can deeply connect with elements and all living things with deep unconditional love. Now, through her practice, she helps people and animals restore harmony within for their inner and outer conflict resolution.


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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