Healthy for life, BREATH

The daily practice of effective meditation, and the integration of being present in daily life, is the basis for a healthy life. If you find that during the day you are triggered and need to refocus, here is something you can do, when strong emotions manifest in you.

It is to:

  1. First, stop what you are doing and have five deep conscious breaths. Breathing, deep, expanding and slow. Exhale in long slow conscious relaxing presence. Focus on the breath.

  2. Next, feel and identify the emotion, the trigger and place a label on it. You can say something to yourself like, “Anger is here” (which is better than “I am angry”).

  3. See where the emotion is present and manifesting within your physical body. Consciously relax and breathe out the tension in from your body, releasing the emotion and dis-ease in every exhalation, visualising the harmony returning to your body.