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Launch Your Life:

Kickstart your mind, body and soul

Rocket yourself into life with the gift of a clear mind, body and soul by receiving a new awareness and motivation that ensures you are living your dream life.



1. You’re not your thoughts

2. Discover your future

3. Learn to heal yourself

4. Gain 24/7 awareness

5. Feel the power of connection

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Wk 1 -  Energise Your Soul

Wk 2 - Positively Affluent

Wk 3 - Point of Attachment

Wk 4 - Power of Connection

Face ~ Feel ~ Heal: True Emotional Healing

We all deserve happiness and health. By processing our emotions, we clear our energy of illness and dis-ease. We become lighter, happier and free..



1. Understand the gift of emotions
2. Step by step healing
3. Emotionally supported to go deep
4. Gain emotional freedom


Wk 1  - Empowered to Heal
Wk 2 - Face and Feel
Wk 3 - Emotional Clearance
Wk 4 - Awareness = Freedom


Online class : Join live or watch the recording

Every Tuesday in September

Sept 3, 10 ,17 ,24

Time: 8:30pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Price - $60

Tantric Love: Heal your Relationship with Love

Sensual, sexy and fun, Love is THE energy we all need to live a full and happy life.  Join Siobhan in her special online classes this July to get your love life back on track.



- Heal your relationship with Love

- Create your desired love life

- Easily manifest your soul mate &

- Reignite your passion for love

5 x 1hr classes (4 weeks plus one bonus class)


1. Reconnecting to Love

2. What’s Your Love Imprint?

3. Opening Up to Love

4. Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

5. Living Fully in Love (Bonus)


Online class : Join live or watch the recording

Time: 8:30pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Keep an eye out for the next time we offer this online course.