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The Golden Space develops high-performing individuals to build a harmonious work culture that improves your business performance. We partner with global corporations to support and grow their people’s behaviour to become better at what they do – at home and at work.


Our training programs are designed to boost engagement, improve resiliency and encourages peak performances. These carefully curated programs help employees, teams and leaders to steer the organisation under extreme changes in the world today.


Changing the World

We strive to change the world we live in, by transforming and empowering each individual to be their best. We believe that by boosting the well-being of employees, we increase their peak performance thereby contributing to business growth.


Our expert business coaches and trainers have numerous experiences in engineering change in individuals, teams and leaders globally. From MNCs, financial institutions, retail to global education institutions, we are passionate about improving individual performances, resiliency and adaptability in an ever-changing world.

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Considering the risk of stress and anxiety on business productivity, our services also include an EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL HEALTH STATUS REPORT to map out actions necessary to create happiness and wellness in an organization. This will help improving productivity as well as reducing medical costs and absenteeism from stress-related illness. 


We offer customised workshops to meet the needs of corporations.  A wide range of Workshops are available covering the topic of Leadership, Productivity, TeamWork and Innovation. 

The Golden Space introduces a ground-breaking program to help corporations to elevate their human resources capacity in order to achieve sustained growth.

ELEVATING HUMAN AND REBALANCING CORPORATION emphasises the importance of understanding the complexity of human aspects in the organization, especially in facing rapid digital transformation, new opportunities and also challenges in an uncertain economy.


The program is based on the practice of mindfulness and heartfulness, with the objective to be able to take swift and suitable actions to solve human resources issues directly at the source of the problem.


This method is effective to transform organisations through clearing of negative emotions, implanting limitless belief system and aligning team’s energy.


Discuss with us how we can help you and your top leaders to align the whole organisation or department to transform, to expand, to reach highest potentials and to achieve higher business objectives. We will design a customised retreat for your organization.


We also offer our Corporate Retreats that open to any corporate leaders and individuals to join.  Please check our schedule.


DBS Bank Retreat, Bandung, Indonesia, 2019

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What is the difference between mindfulness and heartfulness meditation?

Mindfulness means being observant, being aware, being in the present moment, paying attention to your thoughts and feelings without judgements.  

Heartfulness means taking actions that are love based, courageous,  peaceful, kind, compassionate, which results in having positive impacts on our lives and others. To be heartful, we first start by being mindful; we first need to be observant and aware of our surrounding and only then we can take heartful actions.



  • Transformational Leadership

  • People Developments

  • Peak Performance

  • Stress And Energy Management

  • Emotional Management

  • Healthy Collaboration And Communication

  • Health And Well-Being

  • Energy And Health Check Up

  • And More…

Your Wellbeing and Performance are our Expertise.

Our corporate programs help organisations create and increase positive mindset & heart set, foster greater productivity, enhance individual performance and well- being, collaborative workplace cultures and increase organisations’ performance.

Our transformational program with our signature heart-based meditation will not only reduce workplace stress and increase performance but increase self-awareness, a better sense of collaboration and community.

The program will bring anyone in the organization to be more positive, balanced and high performing hence bringing any organization and its people to their next optimal level.

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We understand the challenges you face in managing your team’s well-being and performance, especially in this fast-paced ever-changing business environment. Drop us a note and let us customise a solution unique to your business and let you focus on leading your business and achieving your goals.