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By Yoshimi Janus

Life Balance Healing Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

We simply feel good when we are outside. Whether it is walking in the forest, swimming in the sea, sitting in the desert or being with animals. We forget time as we are in the flow of life. Why do we feel such bliss?

It’s at this time that our souls go back home. That’s where we are no longer someone’s daughter, son, mother, father, wife or husband. We are just ourselves.

Connecting with earth is essential for us to remember and feel who we truly are – a part of nature.

Earth is alive. She breathes, moves, and stays still. She can also be emotional, upset, joyful, shed many tears, or be at peace.

It Started In Childhood

I was born and raised in a Japanese countryside called Nagano. Located in the centre of the main island of Honshu, it’s a popular holiday destination and a land of beautiful vegetables and fruits. Surrounded by high mountains exceeding 3000 meters, people enjoy different outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing and skiing.

Four distinctive seasons see people enjoying the scent of flowers, trees buds and soil in spring; deep green mountains in summer; giant carpets of yellow and orange leaves in autumn, and the cold wind and snow in winter.

All these evoke various emotions in people. They range from joy and calmness, to sorrow. Earth converses with people and other beings throughout the year.

Humans have coexisted with earth for a long time. Cultural rituals that exist in all corners of the world prove how they are strongly connected with their land. This tight bond is stored in every single cell of human bodies.

I have learned to connect with the land since a very young age through everyday life and traditional events. This relates to Shinto, Japan’s indigenous religion, or a way of living. It’s based on great respect for all living and non-living things including animals, plants, rocks and waterfalls.

Since Shinto has neither a specific founder nor any books of scripture, people learn this way of living from their family and society. It is respectfully passed down from generation to generation.

I was taught that gods live everywhere on the land – in the mountains, rivers, fields, lakes and seas. We humans are just allowed to live on this sacred land. This teaching makes people appreciate and respect their surroundings.

The Foundation Of Co-existence

Nature is not something that humans conquer; rather, it is something to keep them alive. Even unexpected phenomenon or unfavorable weather happens for people to learn very important lessons. All humans can, therefore, learn and move on.

Gratitude and respect is the foundation for coexistence. My grandmother taught me how to be respectful to the land and what she provides us. Since both of my parents were working, they used to leave home before I finished my breakfast.

As a slow eater, I was always the last person at the table. But my grandmother would wait for me patiently. No matter how long I took, she was right next to me until I finished the last grain of rice in my bowl. She taught me that leaving food on the plate is very disrespectful to the land, farmers, animals, insects and whoever is involved in producing the food.

What we eat is a gift from nature. Even a small grain of rice contains the energy of the land. A farmer had worked hard to grow it, a person at a shop had sold it, and another person had cooked it. What we can do is to be thankful to our land and every living/non-living thing as we cannot live alone.

We Are A Part Of The Whole

There is no separation between humans and nature.

As people breathe, earth also breathes. Animals, plants, and lands communicate with each other and exchange their emotions. Nature is complete, with various components supporting one another to live.

Connecting with nature is to remember we are just a part of the whole. When we feel connected with our surroundings, we feel oneness and remember who we truly are.

In oneness, there is no separation, no isolation and no classification. There exists no sadness, suffering, worrying, loneliness, competition, jealously, anger, or envy. There is only unconditional love and endless peace. In this state of being, we can see ourselves in others and others can see themselves in us as we are one.

Go outside and spend more time in nature. If that’s not possible, then feel the ground, breathe consciously, play with water, and bathe in the sun.

When you see animals, try to understand what they feel and see yourself in them. Talk to and listen to trees and insects. Unconditionally love your family, friends, colleagues, and whoever you meet in this lifetime. Pick up rubbish if you find it on the street.

Simply pay more attention to your surroundings, and enjoy this connection and sheer bliss. It is at this moment that you connect with your true essence.

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By Siobhan Coulter

Everyone wants their love relationship to be successful. Understanding the seven signs of relationship success are essential to creating a great relationship that continues to strengthen over time.

1. Commit to Love

Today, relationships are ever-changing yet the basis of all love relationships stays the same: Love. Love, however, is more than just an emotion. It’s an attitude that you take towards your partner and is founded in trust and commitment. Love is trusting that your partner loves you back. Love is trusting your relationship is rock-solid and you are both committed 100%.

2. Be Open Hearted

Healthy couples require a high emotional connection and the best way to achieve this is to share yourself fully with your partner. By sharing the day’s highlights and discovery moments keeps couples connected and growing together.

3. Trust Your Love Relationship

Disagreements are healthy components of all relationships. It’s how we handle them that matters. Trusting your relationship’s foundation of love is essential to overcoming misunderstandings. Asking yourself “What would love do in this situation?” is a great way to stay in your heart and be open to compromises and solutions.

4. Make More Love

Sexual and non-sexual touch is a beautiful aspect of human relationships. Physical touch brings couples together and intimacy creates deep bonds that are founded in mutual vulnerability, respect and trust. Vulnerability creates deep connections that profoundly bond both partners.

5. Own Your Emotions

Emotional awareness and sensitivity are key to keeping relationships on track. By owning your emotional reactions and digging deep to heal your issues helps to avoid blaming your partner. Yes, they might have been the trigger…but you own the emotional reaction. Processing your emotions and sharing your growth with your partner strengthens love and commitment.

6. Regularly Address All Elephants in the Room

Elephants in the room are more common than most will admit. Otherwise, they won’t be elephants! Issues that everyone knows are present, but no one dares to talk about. Addressing elephants as soon as they arise and making it a common and safe activity, builds trust and a deeper understanding of each other’s thinking.

7. Share to Your Partner First

If you want your partner to be your one and only, then they need to also be your closest friend. Of course, share your highs and lows with your close friends, but your desire to share with your partner first is a great indicator of your relationship focus and connection.


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The daily practice of effective meditation, and the integration of being present in daily life, is the basis for a healthy life. If you find that during the day you are triggered and need to refocus, here is something you can do, when strong emotions manifest in you.

It is to:

  1. First, stop what you are doing and have five deep conscious breaths. Breathing, deep, expanding and slow. Exhale in long slow conscious relaxing presence. Focus on the breath.

  2. Next, feel and identify the emotion, the trigger and place a label on it. You can say something to yourself like, “Anger is here” (which is better than “I am angry”).

  3. See where the emotion is present and manifesting within your physical body. Consciously relax and breathe out the tension in from your body, releasing the emotion and dis-ease in every exhalation, visualising the harmony returning to your body.

This short interlude during emotional responses can help to manage and identify that you are not your emotions, but you are temporarily experiencing them within your body as a chemical response to your thinking, perceptions and conditioning. A great follow up practice is in a later part of the day when you meditate you can delve deeper to release the trigger with some inner work instead of continuing to hold the dis-ease within you. The faster you clear it the better for your release and health.

On the flip-side of all of this, if we just feel by meditating we will be better off in our health. We are tapping into the well known Placebo Effect. There are many documented cases of the placebo effect working as well as “real treatments” for depression, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, asthma, epilepsy, hypertension, insomnia, and autoimmune deficiencies, among others.

“People who believe they have the power to exercise some measure of control over their lives are healthier, more effective and more successful than those who lack faith in their ability to affect change in their lives.”
A Bandura.

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Love and Light to you all.

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